Allthough you already got good answers, I'd like to add the

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> Hi all
> FreeBSD 6.2
> I would like to put a password when booting/mounting mi Freebsd box.
> is it possible? How?

> What I want is that if the system is rebooted or shutdown, somebody must
> enter a password to boot and/or mounting "/"

Next to the usual means of access control (no automated login, no
users without password), there would be an option to boot the system
in single user mode first. Your /etc/ttys would contain "insecure"
in the 5th field so nobody would get into the shell without the
root password. Then, fsck and mount -a, followed by "exit" or Ctrl-D
would be neccessary to boot the system into multi user mode. To
boot your system into SUM, I think /boot/loader.conf must contain
the line ,,boot_single="YES"''.

If I remember correctly, there as been a way to put a password
request into a much earlier stage of booting (boot oder loader),
but sadly, I can't remember where to do this or if it's still

Maybe these ideas are helpful.

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