Doug Hardie wrote:

On Jul 26, 2008, at 19:03, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

While that's understandable, the current malloc() has undergone quite
extensive testing by Jason Evans and a lot of people who use it in
FreeBSD 7.X or later.  Its ability to expose bugs in this way was deemed
important enough that it is now used by other projects too.

while in general I like the new approach, this problem has been a killer. I did find a number of errors in my own code where I was not allocating enough space for some things. Those showed up instantly with 7.0 and were easy to fix.

As Kris said, you can run the 6.x binary on 7.x with compatibility libraries. This is the worst long-term option but it *will* gain you the 7.x kernel (with all its benefits like multi-CPU support, new drivers, etc.) with the old allocator from the old libraries. This will be hard to maintain but it will work.

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