i have two interfaces installed on my freebsd machine (desktop); one is 
wireless (ath0, facing the internet, and another is internal 
(fxp0, the internet facing interface of the freebsd works 
fine: from my xp laptop (, i can ping the interface of freebsd 
(ath0, facing internet, also from the freebsd machine, i can 
ping the default gateway ( and get access to internet. 

but the second interface doesn't work. from the freebsd machine, i can't ping 
anywhere on the except own ip address. with "arp -a" on freebsd, 
i can only see mac address of own interface (fxp0), but not mac addresses of 
other machinese on the net

i connected internet side directly (without ath0) with fxp0 and the interface 
works fine.

the bottom line is: on the net, i can't see any mac addresses. 

in the file /etc/rc.conf, i have the line "gateway_enbale="YES"" but i don't 
think it matters since i have no intention to use the freebsd machine as a 
router anyway.

any ideas?

thanks in advance.

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