Hello, everyone ..

Some quick information about the software in use:
Jul 28 15:51:42 fw0 racoon: INFO: @(#)ipsec-tools 0.7 (http://ipsec-tools.sourceforge.net) Jul 28 15:51:42 fw0 racoon: INFO: @(#)This product linked OpenSSL 0.9.7e-p1 25 Oct 2004 (http://www.openssl.org/)

I'm having a problem with my IPSec configuration.
On one side, everything works out pretty nice.
On the other side, racoon is making bad noises about not finding a correct configuration.

"ERROR: couldn't find configuration."

However, if I kill racoon, and run it in the foreground with debug output on, I get some more information.

2008-07-16 16:06:27: DEBUG: ===
2008-07-16 16:06:27: DEBUG: 100 bytes message received from[57413] to[500]
2008-07-16 16:06:27: DEBUG:
ba9d946f 3cf4cf90 00000000 00000000 01100200 00000000 00000064 0d000034
00000001 00000001 00000028 01010001 00000020 01010000 800b0001 800c04b0
80010005 80030001 80020002 80040002 00000014 afcad713 68a1f1c9 6b8696fc
2008-07-16 16:06:27: DEBUG: no remote configuration found.
2008-07-16 16:06:27: ERROR: couldn't find configuration.

The configuration is pretty straight forward.

# cat racoon.conf
path pre_shared_key "/var/etc/psk.txt";

path certificate  "/var/etc";

remote {
        exchange_mode main;
        my_identifier address "";

        peers_identifier address;
        initial_contact on;
        support_proxy on;
        proposal_check obey;

        proposal {
                encryption_algorithm 3des;
                hash_algorithm sha1;
                authentication_method pre_shared_key;
                dh_group 2;
                lifetime time 2400 secs;
        lifetime time 2400 secs;

sainfo address any address any {
        encryption_algorithm 3des,blowfish,cast128,rijndael,rijndael 256;
        authentication_algorithm hmac_sha1,hmac_md5;
        compression_algorithm deflate;
        lifetime time 1200 secs;

Here is the weird thing; if I change that remote stanza to read

remote anonymous {

then everything works out nice, racoon even tells me it uses the anonymous stanza for that correct IP.

2008-07-16 16:11:06: DEBUG: anonymous configuration selected for

So, to me this seems really odd, how come racoon isn't picking up that stanza when configured for that specified IP ?
Using the remote stanza is not what I really want ..

So, does anyone have any ideas on what is going on here ?
Using tcpdump I can see that it is in fact that is coming through to racoon, on port 500/UDP.

Thanks for a great product, by the way.

-- Torbjørn / Nextline
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