vardyh wrote:
Hi all.
I'm a newbie to FreeBSD. I added
to /boot/loader.conf and I got
   'hptrr: no controller detected.'
on the next boot. I didn't change anything else except for the 'console=xxx'.
And I had had no problem before that. Could anyone tell me why?
I will very appreciate for your help :>

This is just the driver for the HighPoint Rocket Raid controller being
a bit too verbose.  It's detected that you don't have anything compatible
with hptrr(4) and (unlike the usual behaviour of most Raid Controller
drivers (or drivers for any sort of hardware really)) it considers this fact to be of such vital importance that it really had to print out something on the console. Needless to say such behaviour has already been quashed in 7-STABLE and will not appear in 7.1-RELEASE.

In other words, it's harmless and you can just ignore it.
I suspect that this output wasn't actually triggered by your changing
the console setting -- there's no conceivable way changing one should
affect the other -- but that changing the way the boot messages are displayed has managed to draw your attention to it. You probably had it before but never noticed.



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