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Ivan Voras wrote:
> Juan Carlos Villalobos wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am writing a paper on Component-based Operating Systems. I just
>> wanted to know if FreeBSD is an Operating System engineered based on
>> Components.
>> I appreciate your input on this.
> "Components" is a wide, wide term. Since FreeBSD as an operating system
> consists of separate libraries, headers, executables, and both the
> kernel and the userland have subsystems that are more-or-less autonomic
> and independent, you could say it's componentized. You need to be more
> specific to get a more specific answer.

Yeah, that's true, but not very informative.  Look, I don't follow OSes all that
much anymore, but if I had to call up an OS that would be made up of more of a
set of indenpendent pieces, I think I would choose the GNU Hurd OS.  From
everything I read, it was never very successful, if one counts the ability to
return some good throughput as being successful ... or, maybe they have some
other characteristic which I'm not aware of.

Anyhow, the HURD (at least in concept) is far, far more of a component based OS
than anything else I'm aware of is.  It's an interesting concept, at the very
least, and I do understand it works.
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