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Gary Kline <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>       hi people,
>       my tube is starting to show its age.  it's a "Hitachi
> superscan elite 751".   i don't know when it was manufactured but
> I've had it for 5 years.   besides it burning watts like crazy, it
> snaps from almost-full-width to full-width and back.  it's time to
> check around, and as always, i'm asking here first.  
>       i'm using an old, analog KVM box with four jacks, so whatever
>       display i get has to have dual capability. both digital and
> analog-- eventually I'll need a new KVM box.
>       so what are the top few makes of LCDs out there?
>       thanks much,
>       gary

I have been very happy with two identical Hanns-G HX191D 19" LCD
monitors I bought off Newegg about a year ago and I use them in a dual
head DVI setup (they have analog VGA inputs as well). I don't think this
model is sold there anymore, but there are many other Hanns-G models at
Newegg and they all seem to garner very good user reviews.  I like
Hanns-G because they make great screens at good prices.

Chess Griffin
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