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Gary Kline wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 01:27:37PM -0500, Preston Hagar wrote:
>> On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 9:43 AM, Chuck Robey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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>>> I really like the Dell, both because of their outstanding contrast and
>>> brightness, no dead pixels in any of my LCDs, and the fact that they come 
>>> with
>>> multiple interfaces which are switch selectable from the front panel.  The 
>>> old
>>> 20" units had 4 jacks (RCA, S-Video, VGA, and DVI).  Really convenient.  
>>> The new
>>> 24" one, beyond being able to run native 1920X1080 for HiDef Video, it's got
>>> about 10 different jacks.  Looks it up the web, the Dell pages describe it 
>>> best,
>>> and the contrast on that 24" has to be seen to be believed.  I actually 
>>> turned
>>> it down!
>> I would second the Dell's, specifically the UltraSharp line.  I have a
>> 19" Ultrasharp as my primary monitor and a 19" Dell "Standard" as a
>> secondary monitor.  The Ultrasharp has DVI and VGA, a built in USB hub
>> and is great to look at.
>       Thanks, Preston.
>       So:: boiling it down to a make and a line, now Chuck [[ and you ]]
>       give thumbs-up on the Dell.  "UltraSharp", rt?

My first Dell was the 19: UltraSharp (I forget the name right now, but I'm quite
certain it was an UltraSharp).  I was really knocked out by the
contrast/brightness, but even more by those front panel switchable interfaces,
which let me easily connect up two computers to the same LCD, and just need to
hit a button on the front to switch.  Before I put the money down here, I really
did read the reviews, and I felt they came up on top there, which made me feel
like I couldn't walk away from that purchase as being a mark.  I got the 19"
models back in 2000, and about 2 months ago (I think?) I finally lost one.  I
replaced it with a 24" model from Dell because of my good experience with the
earlier one, but also because the 24" 2408WFP came compatible with 1920X1080
HDTV, 8 different interfaces (two of the DVI interfaces alone!) and nicely done
PIP.  It cost me aboout $650 (this time I bought it direct from Dell, not going
thru eBay) and the contrast really surprised me by being astonishingly better
than the old 19" model (which I'd thought was already pretty decent).  I really
like this new one, and although I didn't buy it, it comes with an inexpensive
addon, a soundbar, that integrates right in, and a really easily adjustable
height desk mounting.  I'm disabled, and I can adjust it easily, and it's 

I dunno, you might possibly be able to beat the price.  I kinda doubt you can
beat the quality vs. price factor.  I don't like it when I come back a month or
two after a major purchase, wondering if I'd been a sucker, but after this
purchase, I didn't feel that way.  I think  it's a good deal.

>       A personal note from the cheapes--er, *thriftiest* guy alive:
>       for a new display, price isn' the driving force.  it's quality--
>       which includes durabiility, function, &c.  (actually, i wouldn't
>       mind 19+.) 20" [[[ and when the hell are we going to join the 18th
>       Century and go-metric?! ]]] ....20" is about the max since i cram
>       as many xterms with tiny fonts as possible.  so
>       brightness+contrast matter.   [[ if i could get out easily, i
>       might check out the 24" ... but that would only give me LCD-envy!!
>       --ah, *life* :-| ]]
>       Anyhow, ao far, i'm looking at the Hanns-G, the Samsung SyncMaster
>       (941BW), And possobily the VIewSonic.  And the Dell UltraSharp.
>       (gReat if Costco has these; but i'll try egghead.com too.)
>       Anybody here in the States have any other recommmendation, 
>       plese gimmmee a shout:-)
>       gary
>> Preston
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