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> HI all again
> I would like to know if there is a method to know how well protected is my
> system (FreeBSD 6.2) in order to not permit a user to enter as root.
> I need it because I have intellectual propierty in that box, and I know
> some people is interested on it.

Note that nothing short of disk encryption can protect the machine if
the attacker has physical access to it (e.g. he can steal the machine or
the harddisk).

Security is a never-ending road, not a destination. 

- Keep the machine in a locked room/cupboard (restrict physical access).
- Subscribe to the freebsd-announce mailing list to keep on top of
  security advisories. 
- Keep you system patched/up-to-date in case vulnerabilities pop up in
  the kernel or dæmons that you use. 
- Disable dæmons that you do not use.
- Install a firewall that blocks by default.
- Disable remote root logins.
- Build a custom kernel & world that do not contain things that you do
  no use. See src.conf(5), e.g. WITHOUT_RCMDS.

> I use inetd, and I have all ports disable except Samba because it is a
> repository for Windows Docs in a network. (swap is not enable).

You can use security/nmap to check if a system has open ports.

> My root password is almost 20 chars with numbers, normal and capitals
> letters, points.

That's OK, as long as it isn't on a note near the machine. :-)

> there is a user that belongs to operator with a script for (un)mounting
> USB disk in which I trap almost all signals (about 15).

Better to make that user member of a new group (e.g. usb) and (assuming
that you're using umass(4)) give that group read/write rights on the da
devices in /etc/devfs.rules: "add path 'da*' mode 0660 group usb"

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