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Per olof Ljungmark wrote:

I'm having problems with scripts involvivng Ghostscript on FreeBSD (4.6-4.7).
Specifically, I am implementing a Hylafax solution and most of it works but there a two areas that fail:
1. Running the SambaFax ( utility that extracts a fax number from a postscript file

2. Using the "faxrcvd" script that comes with Hylafax converting incoming faxes to pdf's.

In both cases the scripts seems to fail when tiff2ps, ps2pdf etc. are being executed.

Running the scripts manually from the shell works.

seems like /usr/local/bin (this is where gs lives) is not in the PATH when your scripts are executed. Try to set the PATH env variable in the script, i.e.

export PATH

(Syntax is for Bourne shell)

Thanks for the advice.

Since my original post I have concluded that the two problems are similar but not identical and concentrated on (2.).

From what I can see all seach paths are added in the script. Also I should have added earlier that a pdf file IS produced but with zero byte lenght.

This is when the script is called from Hylafax server. Again, when run from the command line, faxrcvd works and the pdf is ok.

This has led me to believe that the problem is the location of the temporary files used to produce the pdf.

I have tried adding "#!/bin/sh -xv" but this only works from the command line. How can I pipe the debugging output from a scrpt to a file?

You can use 'sh -xv scriptfile 2>debugoutput'.

Also you cat put '#!/bin/sh -xv' at the start of your script, so debugging is also enabled, if the script is executed as a command. You can have the debug output sent to a file with:
exec 2>debugoutput

BTW, the zero length pdf file suggests that gs cannot find or open some files (different user / persmission?). As a last resort your script could call gs with:
strace -f -e trace=file -o traceoutput gs

which will show you all file operations gs has attempted.


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