Jakub Lach wrote:

Kris Kennaway-3 wrote:
Jakub Lach wrote:
I'm eager to have core2 march, but don't want to mess system forcing
gcc43 as
I don't think it is planned to update to gcc 4.3 since it is covered by the GPLv3.

Thanks for fast answer, is there any chance that licensing stuff is going to
be omitted?

There is basically no chance the GCC developers will reconsider their decision to relicense GCC 4.3 to GPLv3.

If not, will then FreeBSD move to another compiler?

The existing gcc 4.2 will be supported for some time by the gcc developers. In the meantime hopefully llvm/clang will mature enough to provide an alternative. It is already quite far along and has significant resources behind it (apple, etc).

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