Thanks Michael,

I have already been through the SCSI Select/HostRAID ROM and configured the disks as RAID0.

I am unfortunately at work at this moment, so I can not check ar0, however I seem to recall it is already taken by my ATA array. I had not mentioned this array as it is only for storage and the problem exists regardless of whether or not it is connected.


Michael Powell wrote:

Hi all,

I am fighting the following hardware:

MB: ASUS p5b-plus (NON vista edition)
Cpu: Core 2 duo 4600
SCSI Card: Adaptec 39320 (Unused Dell OEM bought from ebay)
HDDs: 2xSeagate Cheetah 73.4 GB Ultra320 SCSI (posibly Dell OEM)

Nb. The MB does not support PCI-X, but is backwards compatible to a
standard PCI slot. On recommendations I have limited the throughput on
the channels to 160mb.

If you think any other pieces relevant let me know.

 I think this is probably just an issue with my not knowing wtf I'm
doing, but to be optimistic lets assume the ahd module worked as there
are no errors in dmesg; which device do I install to? I can not see see
ahd0 in fdisk.


Sounds like you might be able to see the individual drives which may
indicate termination and other stuff is OK. During boot (POST time before
OS starts to load) you press CTRL-A (both keys together) to get into the
Adaptec card BIOS. You can configure your drives as an array here. There is
supposed to be a message on the screen but this message can be disabled by
BOFH. Been a while since I've done this, but IIRC after creating the array
and rebooting you would then install to ar0.


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