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> Subject: Need help formatting HDD
> Hi All,
Hi ". Saevio ."

> Sorry to write a F-BSD list with this, but i figured you would know.
> I have a IBM Deskstar 30gb, with FreeBSD 4.x on it, and i need to 
> remove it 
> so i can install the HDD in a friends system. However after trying with 
> format.com and fdisk.exe it wont even recognize the partition.
Fdisk is not going to be able to identify the FreeBSD partition.
It will only show up as unknown. But you should still be able to
delete an unknown partition.

> How do i remove it? anything would be appreciated.
(non bsd discussion follows)

I am assuming that you want to make a FAT filesystem on the drive
for use in windows. This should be pretty simple.
Create a new Master partition on the drive.
type "dir c:\" (or whatever drive you expect it to be)
You should get a message about the os not being able to read
the partion. If you dont, and it lists files, then repost to
this list and re-describe what is exactly going on. If you get
the message then use "format c: /s". (the /s tells the format
utility to copy over the system files and make the drive
Then remove the hard drive and give it to your friend.

> Thanks,
> ..brian..

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