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Michael Christie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I am running webmin and virtualmin  on freebsd  7.0,  I have  found when 
> i add a number of domains using virtualmin and restart apachie i get the 
> following error.
> [alert] (22)Invalid argument: initgroups: unable to set groups for User 
> www and Group 80...    Apachie will not start..
>  it happens when the 'apache' or 'httpd' user is a member of too many groups. 
> By default,
> Virtualmin adds the user Apache runs as to each domain's group, which
> eventually triggers this problem.

so is the dummy spit by apache itself, or a syscall made by apache ? 

u can use ktrace on apache when starting/dying and see what is causing the 
actual problem.

IF the issue really is central to /etc/groups , would moving to a bigger user 
management system (LDAP, NIS ? ) be possible? ( possibly implies changes to 
virtualmin too..)


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