hi people,

        a friend gave me two of his old dell keyboards; one of which has
        worked pretty well.  trouble is that is it very large-- std??
        travel-time is just that much more    since i am using only my
        left hand.  Soooo: i'mm looking for a compact keyboard with
        built-in clicky keys. ---flames to /dev/null, guys. (circa 1988
        when i joined yet-another-startup and i turned on the Sun
        "click" audio, my co-workers [in the same room] nearly lynched me).---  

        i don't watch the screen when i type; i watch my fingers.
        still without a solid *thunk*, i can't be certain whether i 
        hit a key.  (never took typing in high school; that was only 
        for girls:)

        is there a newer, more-better, prefferedstandard than the "PS/2"
        essentially: small footprint, key-click [either mechanical or
        electronic], std layout.



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