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Hi all

Just wondering has anyone got there ATI Radeon working with XFree86? if you have could you please tell how you did it? and if you use the linux drivers how did you get them working?

Yes, the Radeon works nicely. No, you don't want Linux drivers. (I have a 9500 that I "upgraded" to 9700 Pro with a driver patch. See RivaTuner and Guru3D web sites. Don't know if there are any of the correct 9500 cards left, since once news spread that a card mod-able to 9700 Pro could be had for $150US, they started selling pretty quickly.)

FreeBSD's "stock" XFree86 won't run the 9700. You will have to drop in a newer version, available from XFree86.org in one of two ways, probably both quite familiar to you as a FreeBSD user. One way is to set up a supfile and cvsup the latest source from XFree's CVS repository, then compile and install it on your machine. (The XFree86.org web site has instructions on how to do this.) The second way (which I chose because it seemed quicker and easier) is to download the most recent FreeBSD snapshot binary files from ftp://ftp.xfree86.org/pub/XFree86/snapshots/ 4.x/ and install them with the install script. (Instructions are in the Install file in the same directory as the binaries.)

The snapshot and CVS versions contain support for the latest Radeons (2D at least; no 3D as of 10 days ago when I last looked, but it could be there now).

One last tip: The GUI XFree86 config never seems to work for me; running the text config and selecting the generic Radeon card worked fine.


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