I need to purchase a CHEAP server for a client and I was thinking about building him one using an AMD processor and a Socket A mainboard with most stuff onboard. Normally I'm rather reluctant to use new hardware for FreeBSD installations therefore I'm hoping someone could comment on the following spec:

2x WD Harddisk 20.0GB IDE 7200RPM UDMA-100 3.5" , WD200BB
APACER Memory 512MB SDRAM PC-133 Original 168Pin CL2, 512MB PC-133
MICROSTAR Mainboard Socket-A VIA KLE133 MicroATX Audio VGA LAN UDMA100, MS6378XL
AMD CPU Duron 1.2GHz Socket A 200FSB Tray , AMD DURON 1.2
Chieftec Case 19" 1U 200W ATX 1xPCI Riser Card Black, UNC-110S-B 1


Andreas Widerĝe Andersen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Pragma AS


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