Redd Vinylene skrev:
Can something similar be used for my

ifconfig_rl0_aliasN="inet 66.252.2.N netmask"

as well?

This is not as elegant, but may help in a similar way:

while [ "$alia" -lt '123' ] ; do
  alia=$(($alia+1)) ;
  ips=$(($alia+4)) ;
echo "ifconfig_rl0_alias$alia=\"inet 66.252.2.$ips netmask\"" ;

arbeids√łkende, Oslo

On Sat, Aug 2, 2008 at 8:07 PM, Redd Vinylene <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
jail_box_ip=$( jot -w "66.252.2.%d" -s "," 124 4 )

What a gorgeous solution ;)

Thanks man!

On Sat, Aug 2, 2008 at 7:37 PM, Matthew Seaman
Redd Vinylene wrote:
Hey, I got a couple of hundred IPs, is there an easy way to add them
all to jail_box_ip="ip1,ip2,ip3" without making like the longest line

Like this?


Unfortunately that doesn't look too good.

Nor does:

export x=$(cat ips);export jail_ips=''; for ip in $x; do export
jail_ips="$jail_ips,$ip"; done; export jail_ips=$(echo $jail_ips | sed
s/,$/''/ | sed s/^,//);

Is there a more beautiful alternative?
/etc/rc.conf is just /bin/sh code.  All you need to do is set
the variables -- usually by assigning a static string, but you
can use whatever constructs you want.  Well - within reason.  Making
something as critical as the system boot process depend on a bunch of
other files or processes is not a good idea on the whole.

You can include multi-line whitespace in the variables by using single


Assuming that the init script that processes this data isn't phased
by the inclusion of a bit of whitespace.

Or you can generate the required numbers, assuming they are

jail_box_ip=$( jot -w "66.252.2.%d" -s "," 5 4  )



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