Nikos Vassiliadis wrote:
On Monday 04 August 2008 14:34:45 Manolis Kiagias wrote:
If you don't mind building the packages (on the remote system) from
ports, I would suggest ports-mgmt/tinderbox
Comprehensive instructions are located here: I've used it for quite some time
( but lately I've dedicated a
machine for package building and I am using a couple of my own simple

I really don't care about the latest and shiniest programs.
So, I do mind building from ports. I just want to download
20-30 packages along with their dependecies.

I think I've found a relatively cheap way to do just that,
I am going to use unionfs to create a "replica" of my system,
mount an empty fs on $JAIL/var/db/pkg, fire up "jail $JAIL"
and pkg_add -Kr $everything_i_want in there.

//a few of minutes later

Yet to my big surprise(and disappointment) pkg_add -Kr
does not keep the dependencies, but only the requested
file e.g. pkg_add -rK bash, downloads all depedencies,
installs bash and deletes all packages but bash. Not
much of a progress...

But you can still use the installed packages to recreate everything:

e.g. pkg_create -Rb bash-x.y.z

Or, use a simple shell script with pkg_create -b to create packages from all installed ones, i.e:

for i in `pkg_info -Ea`
pkg_create -b $i

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