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>> Isn't possible to add GPLv3 code in the base system?
>> (By possible I mean the license part, not the technical part;)
>There is a strong preference not to do this.

Doing a totally unscientific investigation reveals that the trend seems
to be towards the use of GPLv3 license. As a 'claws-mail' user myself,
I know that, that caused a problem with the 'ClamAV' plug-in that was
formerly used by 'claws-mail'

Since it appears to be apparent that newer software might very well be
released under the GPLv3 license, it might behoove the FreeBSD team to
rethink its ideas or beliefs regarding the inclusion of such software
into the base system. At the very least, it might very well make life
easier for end users who need the support that programs using that
license are now offering.

Then again, I could be wrong. Just my 2ยข.


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