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I do not code in any way. With that being said, should you be able to help please do so with the knowledge that I can not code. I'm following the freebsd handbook when the following occurs.

-- separate fresh 'dangerously dedicated' installs of both 7.0 and 6.3-RELEASE on the same machine, yield the following:
In multi-user mode make buildworld, buildkernel and installkernel.
Shutdown now

This will only drop you to single user mode with all filesystems still
mounted. It is not a good idea to run fsck on a mounted filesystem...

Instead, you need to run

# shutdown -r now

to REBOOT the machine with the newly installed kernel. At the loader
menu, press `4' to boot into single user mode (at this point, only /
will be mounted, so your `fsck -p' should work just fine).

Now procede with the next steps...

-- fsck -p
/dev/ad4s1a: NO WRITE ACCESS

This happens each and everytime no matter if I install from iso -or- ftp (passive). After numerous attempts the only way to get past this is 'fsck -y'. Could the fbsd handbook section I'm following need updating or is there another issue taking place here?

I think you're getting confused by the instructions (don't have a browser
to hand so can't check the handbook, so apologies if this isn't the case).
IIRC, the handbook suggests you drop to single user BEFORE you begin, in order to ensure nothing else is running while you run the build. In my
experience, this has not been necessary. Even still, after the installkernel
you MUST reboot the newly installed kernel before you continue.



I thank you. In addition, I am quite sure the command we are referred to in "23.4.5 Drop to Single User Mode" is in fact 'shutdown now' and not 'shutdown -r now'. I thank you for your response as I am going to redo this procedure as you described. If you don't mind I'll follow-up with you and/or conclude this thread with the results.
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