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I thank you. In addition, I am quite sure the command we are referred to in "23.4.5 Drop to Single User Mode" is in fact 'shutdown now' and not 'shutdown -r now'.

While "shutdown now" puts you into SUM at once, not unmounting
anything, "shutdown -r now" reboots the system and it's up to
you to enter SUM via kernel interruption and "boot -s", and in
this state, nothing is mounted.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I wasn't discussing the difference between 'shutdown now' and 'shutdown -r now'; my concern was it appears that the fbsd handbook section I was reading, with regards to "REBUILDING WORLD", instructed the reader to do a 'shutdown now' instead of a proper 'shutdown -r now', which in turn caused me grief when attempting to run 'fsck -p'.

Once again I thank you for your reply.
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