mikeco wrote:
I have mounted an NFS4 filesystem shared by a Solaris 10 cluster environment
and am able to browse all of the files, but I cannot touch anything on the
filesystem because of all of the user and group permissions being off. Here's my fstab entry:

cnfs:/export      /nfs    nfs4     rw

When I first umount and mount the filesystem, permissions seem to be working
properly.  Users in our NIS environment have their home directories on /nfs
and, for example, are able to create files in their homes.  Once I try to
touch a file in a directory other than my home, I get a "Permission denied"
error and I am no longer able to even touch files in my own home directory.

Is there a way that I can get permissions to show up correctly?

Thank you,

The NFSv4 client currently in FreeBSD is old and unmaintained. If you can't find an answer to this, try NFSv3 or the new implementation recently posted to fs@

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