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Teco Industry is in the business of corn, wheat, paddy, and vegetable drying 
machines and the production and marketing of silo & steel construction. Related 
to the machines that our company produce; Teco Industry has the representatives 
in Bulgaria, Albania, Ukraine, Tatarstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Angola and 
Indonesia. Our partners in these countries are accepted as the leaders in the 
steel industry. The quality of produced machines is approved by international 
standards. Teco is guaranteed by CE and ISO 9001-2000 certificates.


Teco also contributes to the national economy by creating jobs in designing, 
project, production, import and export. Teco materializes R&D activities with 
its professional staff. Quality results are presented to the customers during 
the production, import and export.



Our company takes the leadership of producing and marketing nationally and 

For Grain, Oily Seeds, and Pulses:
Corn and Soybean Drying Machines 
Handling Systems like Bucket Elevator, Chain Conveyor and Helix
Prop Towers and Catwalks for Handling Systems
Unloading Truck Lifts
Industrial Foundations, Steel Construction

With the expert staff; we take an important target like ‘’Customer Satisfaction 
and Service Quality’’ and perform service and counseling duties successfully. 


 Contact Us  , Teco Dryer Company is ready for a long partnership with you.


 Sales Engineer Erkan AYMAN [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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