That should be:

'$rt keep state' not '$rt_tcp keep state' and '$rt_udp keep state'

Mark Picone wrote:

Have you done these things?

1. Setup ~/.rtorrent.rc properly 2. Change default ports for rtorrent. eg: 'port_range = 22145-22245'
3. Ensure pf is setup correctly. eg:

net_if = "rl0"
rt = "{ 22145-22245 }"
pass in on $net_if proto tcp from any to any port $rt_tcp keep state
pass in on $net_if proto udp from any to any port $rt_udp keep state

This works fine for me.


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luizbcampos wrote:
     After I had setup .rtorrent.rc on FBSD-7.0 amd64, I type
"rtorrent" the tracker connects to server and nothing more happens,
the screen seems to be frozen about dowloading. What to do? I've
enabled ports 6890-6999 at /etc/pf.conf


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