On Mon, 17 Feb 2003, Markie wrote:

> You lost me there :)
> Please forgive me if i'm being stupid and just don't understand at all :)
> It says files have to be non resident? and non resident files are bigger
> than 1k you say?
> But making a plain new file or folder would be smaller than 1k wouldnt it?
> So they'd be.. resident files and wouldnt write? :s
> That's the impression i'm getting at the moment anyway :)

NTFS filesystems _may_, under certain circumstances, create "resident"
files of the type described. You won't be able to modify these.

Filesystems mounted with mount_ntfs can't modify resident files. If you
create a small file it will be nonresident, and you should be able to
edit it (providing you don't fall foul of the other NTFS writing

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