RW wrote:
On Thu, 07 Aug 2008 10:04:23 +0200
Matthias Kellermann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi list,

I want to compile a port with an option that is not controllable
through the FreeBSD Makefile or with make config.
So I added an option to make.conf(5):

.if ${.CURDIR:M*/lang/php4}

Unfortonately, this does not work. ...
Any ideas whats wrong here?

make.conf is read before the makefile. The use of "CONFIGURE_ARGS=" in
the port makefile means that any change to CONFIGURE_ARGS made in
make.conf is lost.

I think you'll have to maintain a patch against the port makefile.

Thanks, but I thought CONFIGURE_ARGS+= should add this option and not overwrite the options from the Makefile. Therefore the plus-sign.

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