Maxim Khitrov wrote:
Hello all,

Simple question - am I able to run 64-bit linux binaries using the ABI
emulation under FreeBSD 7.0 amd64? In the NOTES for amd64 kernel
configuration the COMPAT_LINUX option is commented out, but I don't
understand the explanation at the top of the section:

Not yet, there is a summer of code project working on this but I don't think it is complete. You can, of course, run 32-bit linux binaries on amd64.

If anyone else here is running Matlab on FreeBSD, I'd welcome any
pointers you can give me for setting it up. Right now, I'm following
the steps listed in the handbook. As a side note - is it, in fact, the
case that Matlab x86_64 will run slower than the 32-bit version

Depends what you use it for, presumably.

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