On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 13:05 -0400, FreeBSD Questions wrote:
> I've been considering switching my home network to IPv6.  I have a
> computer acting as a firewall sitting between my ISP and my three LANs
> at home.  Of course, my DSL provider gives me an IPv4 address, and
> everything I want to access on the Internet is on an IPv4 network.
> The whole point is to learn to set up IPv6, to play with IPv6, and to
> become familiar with it, so when the day comes that the world actually
> uses IPv6 (ha ha) I'm ready, armed with knowledge.
> But the whole idea will go to pot if my firewall can't let my IPv6
> networks access my IPv4 Internet connection.  Does FreeBSD 7 provide
> such facilities as to allow access to an IPv4 network from an IPv6
> network?  What will my Vista, XP, and FreeBSD clients do if they only
> have an IPv6 address and I try to go to google.com or freebsd.org
> which are on IPv4 networks?

i would like to recommend that you visit at http://ipv6.he.net/ ;;
that's simple if you wish to get both ipv6 and ipv4 ;;


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