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> Don't forget about the HAMMER file system which Matthew Dillon over at
> DragonFly BSD is busy working on.  It's not 100% finished but hopefully
> soon and it should be ported to FreeBSD. It  looks to be pretty good
> (Exabytes of space?!!!?)
> More info:
> Interview with Matthew:
> http://cisx1.uma.maine.edu/~wbackman/bsdtalk/bsdtalk154.mp3
> Website: http://www.dragonflybsd.org/hammer/
> Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HAMMER

interesting. it mentions mirroring...but clustering? as in, having a unique ( 
or several) namespaces that, when addressed, allow you to access any of the 
nodes that provide storage? 

Gluster seems more interesting (to me :) )... how well it works, and whether on 
FBSD, i haven't looked into yet.

> We have setup hadoop on FreeBSD, bit of mission cause of java and I'm
> not sure about performance but it can be done :)
>  http://hadoop.apache.org/core/

yeah, i been skimming over hadoop and it seems too much sometimes. I don't 
particularly like to have to deal with a RDBMs as well as all the other 
stuff... SUN's QFS (i think it's called that) , Luster , MogileFS (perl?) and 
others also rely on DBs... 

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