Andrea Venturoli wrote:
Kris Kennaway ha scritto:
This was fixed in 7.0-STABLE.


Thanks Kris.
Since this is a critical production box, I'm a bit scared to track Stable.
Do you know when this will be merged into a release (7.1 I suppose)?

I don't know if it is planned to merge the fix as a 7.0 erratum. You could ask re@ about their plans if you like.

Would it be safer to just get this single patch (if possible at all)?

Perhaps but I don't have a patch handy.

I've also been advised (off list), to switch from the default 4BSD scheduler to ULE. What are the implications of this?

Better performance, most likely.

Would it solve this specific problem or would I still need to patch/upgrade?

No, it won't solve it.

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