Dear FreeBSD moderators,

First, awesome O/S people!  I thank all of you wholeheartedly. The question 
is "that" little mouse program or daemonlet that allows you 
to "block",  "cut and paste" from the command line/console TO  X-window <or> 
Gnome session windows is causing my generic style, p/s 2 mouse not to work 
properly when I start up X.

I was flying thru your sysinstall program in the wee hours of the morning 
loading FreeBSD up, and I don't even remember the "name" of this application 
or daemonlet that I said "yes" to at a dialogue window.   So, who's the 
program and where does he live?  I'd like to turn it off. It is starting up 
in one of your run-levels somewhere.

**whatever it is, it creates a ghostlike "mouse cursor" to show up even when 
you are working in command line/console mode.  

** more remotely, I noticed your device probe calling my generic PS 2 mouse 
a "glidepoint" on the second psm0:line?? it reads as follows:

psm0: <p/s 2 MOuse> irq 12 on atkbdc0 (thats right)
psm0: model Glidepoint mouse, device ID 0 (what in tarnation is that??) 

hey, if you guys hook me up, I will treat you to a few "pints" of New 
Belgium whenever you are in the Albuquerque area.  I promise.

FreeBSD nube,


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