Vince Sabio wrote:
I am currently running FreeBSD v5.1 (yes, I am a Bad Person(tm)), and need to update it to v7.0. Questions:

1. Can I go straight from v5.1 to v7.0? Or do I need to make a stop at v6.x?

Theoretically it might be possible but definitely not recommended. 5.1 is very old (it's not even labeled STABLE - are you sure "FreeBSD updates" track such old releases?) and there might be unexpected problems.

2. I'm Unix shell literate with a reasonable level of Solaris sysadmin experience, but have no experience (yet) with FreeBSD updates. Is there a site with step-by-step instructions for the uninitiated, to help minimize Pr(failure)?

3. Anything else I should know?

You probably don't want to do it with binary upgrades, for many reasons, including unexpected problems (i.e. possibility of ending up with a system so messed up nobody could help you restore it). Do a source upgrade to 6.0 then to 7.0 - it's not hard. For best effects, you need to also recompile all additional ports installed on the server (actually, you *can* run ports compiled for 5.x on 7.x but as soon as you need to upgrade one of them, you'll probably need to upgrade all or most of them because of cross-dependencies).

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