Howdy all,
        I have a freebsd firewall and I want to be able to do make both passive
and active ftp client connections from my inside network to the outside
world.  I'm using ipf and ipnat compiled into the kernel.  I followed
the IPF HOWTOs that I've read and I'm hitting a brick wall.
        My outside interface is dc0 and let's say my outside IP is 
I've tried both of the following rules in my /etc/ipnat.rules file with
no success.

map dc0 0/0 -> proxy port 21 ftp/tcp
map dc0 0/0 -> 0/32 proxy port ftp ftp/tcp

        When I say no success, I mean that I am able to establish a remote ftp
connection, but when I do a 'ls' I get a

425 Can't build data connection: No route to host

I'm sure I'm doing something foolish, so any advice would be greatly
appreciated.  Oh yeah, I'm running FreeBSD5.0-release and IPF version

Thanks in advance for any help.

Shane Hickey : Network/System Consultant
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