When I start X after rebooting into FreeBSD from Windows, a mangled version of the Windows 98 startup logo will appear along the top edge of the screen and various parts of my desktop such as the KDE logo, menu backgrounds, shell window contents, and Windowmaker menu will appear as black shapes. Exiting X normally and restarting X seems to fix the problem, and the problem doesn't occur at all if I power cycle the computer rather than reboot. I'm guessing Windows isn't picking up its trash when it shuts down. Rather than deal with Windows, I'd rather find some means of forcing a reset of whatever it is that Windows messes up. Anyone know how?

Some information:

FreeBSD 5.0p1 with the mga module loaded.
XFree86 4.2.1_1,1 compiled with -DWITH_MATROX_GXX_DRIVER from ports
KDE 3.1 from ports
WindowMaker from ports
Matrox G200 AGP (mga server).

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