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> Note that Matt's terminology is a little bit confusing.
> What he calls "mirroring" in HAMMER has nothing to do
> with RAID-1 (like gmirror), but it is rather a kind of
> replication.  The "mirroring" feature allows replication
> between local and/or remote file systems.  So, yes, it
> is intended to support clustering.

Hi Oliver,
yes, i thought that was the case, but is it intended to support distributed
storage? For example, I have 4 storage boxes with 4 TB each, "clustered". Say
we keep duplicate copies of all data. When I access , say,
hammer://mycluster/storage , i'd expect 'storage' to be 8 TB .

> Clustering and SSI is the main goal of DragonFly BSD,
> after all.

ok, now that you mention SSI it seems it should do what I clumsily try to
explain :) I should probably start trailing Draco too ;)

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