EdwardKing wrote:
> I use SSH to remote FreeBSD
> password:
> Then I SSh to suspend client in that remote machine:
> $~
> /home/tom: Permission denied
> Permission denied? Why? How to do that?

What happened here is that you were trying to type an escape code
into ssh -- eg. ~^Z (suspend) or ~. (quit)

However, '~' is actually a fairly common character in normal usage,
so ssh will pass it through to the remote login session unless you
get the escape sequence exactly right.  The ~ character must be the
first thing on a new line, and it must be followed by one of the
known key codes, which you can list by using the ~? escape during a
ssh session.

It seems that you typed something wrong: perhaps you managed to type
~~ which means your shell on the remote machine would receive the ~ character.  
This it would duely expand to be the path to your home
directory.  It then tried to execute that path, but directories are
not executable, resulting in the 'permission denied' message.



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