On Fri, 2008-08-15 at 17:22 -0300, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Hi all,
>       Maybe it's not a FBSD problem, but I think someone here have the 
> answer.
>       I'm trying to use maildrop as MDA with sendmail, but I'm facing 
> some troubles.
>       That is, since some of my local users don't have defined a home 
> dir, when maildrop is set to delivery mode (-d $u) in sendmail.cf, as 
> shown in sendmail docs:
> FEATURE(`local_procmail', `/usr/local/bin/maildrop', `maildrop -d $u')
>   the following message starts to show:
> Aug 15 11:43:25 host1 maildrop[75586]: Unable to change to home directory.
>       If, on the other hand, I set it in sendmail as in manual mode:
> FEATURE(`local_procmail', `/usr/local/bin/maildrop', `maildrop 
> /usr/local/etc/maildroprc')
>       The maildrop processes start to grow, and the following message 
> starts to show:
> Aug 15 12:02:32 host1 sm-mta[83296]: m7FEvVMM083288: timeout waiting for 
> input from host1.mydomain.com during client greeting
> Aug 15 12:02:32 host1 sm-mta[83296]: m7FEvVMM083288: smtpquit: mailer local 
> exited with exit value 75
>       It seems that no message body is sent to maildrop.
>       Does any of you have successfully configured maildrop+sendmail in 
> an scenario like that?

I don't use the 'local_procmail' feature of sendmail so can't comment on
those specific issues. I have a mail server using sendmail/maildrop and
use /etc/mail/virtusertable and /etc/mail/aliases, e.g.:

        [EMAIL PROTECTED] user-alias
        [EMAIL PROTECTED] user-alias
        user-alias:        "| /usr/local/bin/maildrop -d [EMAIL PROTECTED]"

I don't know off-hand whether or how using the 'local_procmail' feature
impacts on the use of aliases and virtusertable, but there might be a
solution in there for you.

If you can't find a solution you might also try asking on the maildrop
users list.


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