On 2008.08.17 20:22:00, S t i n g r a y wrote:
> I am building one backup file server on WAN on FreeBSD, which will
> backup remote servers data over slow links, (256-512kbps), simply
> because i have never seen an operating system as stable/robust as
> FreeBSD ever :-)

> Now i want to know a technology that can sync only the changed data
> in a day rather then all the data daily, keep in mind the remote
> servers data would be Windows, Linux and Apple computers so the
> technology must be compatible with all ...

Rsync should suit your needs.

Port:        /usr/ports/net/rsync
Site:        http://samba.anu.edu.au/rsync/
For Windows: http://www.aboutmyip.com/AboutMyXApp/DeltaCopy.jsp 
             (never tried it)


~ Jason Morgan
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