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Manolis Kiagias <sonic2000gr <at>> writes:

Well, the article is right to the point that you will not install nvidia drivers on an ATI card ;) However as I understand 3D support in ATI is a hit and miss even in Linux (and ATI's proprietary driver is awful). The xorg.conf settings in the article have only been tested with nvidia, and may need some adjustment for other 3D capable cards. I've been told they don't work with Intel, but will investigate this on my eeePC soon.

As for your ATI, a quick search shows that 3D with AIGLX is supported by the open source drivers in X300. I've found several xorg.conf samples, so it is probably a matter of doing a bit of research. If you do find the "magic line" that makes it work, I would be glad to hear about it and add it to the article.



I have posted a solution which works for my Intel 965G card on the x11 list in
June. Here's the link:

Hope it helps you in updating your guide, which is a great help for the FreeBSD
people. Many thanks :)

- Novembre

Thank you! I am going to try this on the eeePC, and update the article soon.

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