I know there ar eknown issues about kopete and it being able to connect to MSN & Yahoo, im runnind KDE4 on AMD64 FreeBSD7.0-STABLE .. cvsupd today so all ports & SRC are upto date portupgrade done and yet kopete still refuses to connect to MSN or yahoo .. is the bug still on going or ?

Since upgrading to KDE4 as well, kplayer refuses to run and i have had to goto VLC player to be able to watch vide files ... any reason why this would refuse to load ?

When trying to re-compile things like Xchat and other various files that seem to be broken, i run into troubles with an error saying/mentioning kdelibs and QT .. excat error i couldnt say as i have now also lost complete internet access on the machine even though still able to communicate with the router and all other machines ironically running windows, seem to be running aok, so im trying to kill multiple birds using memory and booting from windows to FreeBSD etc

At this point im frustrated enough to just fdisk the machine, and isntall everything from scratch with 7.0-STABLE & KDE4 .. so i ask for a lil assistance plz so as i can avoid having to do this drastic measure.

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