Peter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>       Just tested this multiple times, windows XP to FreeBSD
> 5.0R, and FreeBSD 5.0R to FreeBSD, but when I upload a 40MB
> file, the upload hits maximum speed of 1,900 kb/s, and
> downloading the same file from the server it hits a speed of
> 4,400 kb/s.  I used to run 4-Stable on that box and I don't
> remember these kind of differences, so I'm just wondering if
> my config is whacked or has something changed in 5.0-Release
> that would cause uploads to go slow?

How are you testing the speed?  Make sure to use more than one program
(e.g., not just ftpd) so you can tell whether it's a networking issue
or just an application bottleneck.

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