On Tue, Feb 18, 2003 at 09:24:23AM -0800, jay tigre wrote:
> im running FreeBSD 4.7 Release on amd athlon 1.6ghz
> with 512mb of ram. This machine has a very light cpu
> load. it mostly sits there idle and handles email for
> a small office.  for some reason however, telnet
> logins are very slow over the sdsl 512/512 connection
> as well as the 100mbps lan. When I try to telnet to
> that box, i make an immediate connection but don't get
> a login prompt for almost 30-40 seconds. Its not a
> major problem. Just very annoying. Does anyone have a
> clue about how to resolve this problem. any hints
> would help. 

It probably has to do with reverse DNS resolution for the client IP
address failing.  (The telnet daemon attempts to get a hostname for
the telnet client before prompting for login.)

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