B. Cook wrote:
hey all,

Looking for opinions..

We are going to be getting a server for drupal, running lighttpd and php, as well as exim and SA with clamav, courier or dovecot, mysql 51.. etc.

Right now this setup does about 200G per month (we have two boxes) and were looking at getting one box to do it all (business department reasons) and assuming it would be doing double the work.. we would be looking at a single box running 600GB max per month in traffic (about 2Mb/sec)..

We would be (hopefully) be going with sas drives instead of the sata we have atm. Not trying to make this a debate about hardware but..

The question of at least 4G of ram came up.. and we starting debating about PAE or just going with x64..

we would not be using zfs, we would be running RELENG_7_0.

again, looking for opinions on PAE vs x64 for this type of setup.

PAE would only be of potential benefit if you know you are running a workload that will benefit from running in 32-bit mode instead of 64. In your situation that is almost certainly not the case, so just go with amd64.

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