On Tue, Feb 18, 2003 at 09:24:23AM -0800, jay tigre wrote:
> hello 
> im running FreeBSD 4.7 Release on amd athlon 1.6ghz
> with 512mb of ram. This machine has a very light cpu
> load. it mostly sits there idle and handles email for
> a small office.  for some reason however, telnet
> logins are very slow over the sdsl 512/512 connection
> as well as the 100mbps lan. When I try to telnet to
> that box, i make an immediate connection but don't get
> a login prompt for almost 30-40 seconds. Its not a
> major problem. Just very annoying. Does anyone have a
> clue about how to resolve this problem. any hints
> would help. 

Likely, this relates to the telnetd trying to reverse map the connecting
IP address.  Check that it will reverse map, and if no other way if
available maybe put an entry for the host in /etc/hosts.  This is a
common problem with sshd, so I'm just guessing that telnetd might behave
the save?  In any case, if nothing else is in the way, you might
consider using ssh instead of telnet.


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