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> Does anyone have any experience installing the backup exec agent 
> (BEWS_12.1364_LINUX-UNIX-MAC_AGENTS.tar.gz) on Freebsd 7.

i don't recall if it's v12 that i've used,but it runs relatively well - just 
make sure you have linux compatibility layer enabled.

> I've been trying for the past few days with no progress. I called for 
> support, but guess what Symantec does not support Freebsd.

i hope you really didn't expect something useful out of that call ... :)

> # ./installralus
> Not Supported Yet.
> ./installralus: ./perl//bin/perl: not found
> vmFreebsd# find / -name perl
> /usr/bin/perl
> /usr/local/bin/perl

> ./perl/$OS/bin/perl -I. -I$PATH -I$VXIF_HOME -I./perl/$OS/lib/$PERL_VER 
> installr
> alus.pl $*

have u tried changing that call to perl to the /usr/local/bin/perl ? 

at least in some versions I tried, all you have to do is run the exec , forget 
the installer, it worked ok for me.. YMMV


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