Matthias Apitz wrote:
El día Thursday, August 21, 2008 a las 05:54:29AM -0700, Joseph Olatt escribió:

Try the following:

 cat t.txt | awk -F\t '{split($1, arr, "."); printf("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", arr[
1], arr[2], $2);}'

where t.txt:

Despite of the magic awk(1) or while-loops: this is all UUOC Award;

Yeah, yeah :)

I know that:

# grep username /var/log/radius.log much, much better than:

# cat /var/log/radius.log | grep username

...but that is just semantics, relative to the intent and purpose of this excercise.

Besides, our mail servers don't do enough work, so using cat in the wrong context when modifying tens of thousands of lines in a file is good exercise for my boxes ;)

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