On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, sweetleaf wrote:

> I am needing to setup a groupware "phprojekt" server that uses php. I
> really don't want to use apache for security and  performance reasons;
> therefore I am searching for a  fast and secure https server that will
> work. The question about php is.....if a web server supports cgi will it
> work with php seeing how php is just a script, i am assuming? I have
> found shttpd and fnord while searching. The latter both support cgi and
> i was wondering if  its feasible they might work with php.

As to the performance aspect, if you're planning on running complex PHP
scripts - especially as CGIs - *especially* a system that says this in
its requirements:

PHP4 must be installed on the webserver with access to a SQL database.

(by which it means mysql, postgres, oracle, informix or ms-sql)
then I very much doubt that the http server is going to become a
performance bottleneck.

As to security: since many SSL implementations have their roots in a
small number of libraries, you may find that a vulnerability with one is
a vulnerability with several platforms.

(This isn't the case with stuff out of the DJB stable, however, 'cause
he has a long history of not trusting anything written by others, and
reimplementing it all himself from scratch.)

Good luck!

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