I've finally decided to run FreeBSD as my primary 
workstation environment.  Previously I have only
used it as a server platform.  I've managed to replace
most of the desktop utilities I need, but I need
a good replacement for Windows Media Player.

I'm looking for opinions here....

I'd like an application that works well as 
a stream player (i.e. supports playing mp3/mpeg/avi/etc 
from a web site via mozilla) as well as 
playing dvd/vcd/divx/dvd/etc from the localhost.

I'm also looking for an application that has the concept 
of easy to install/manage codecs.  I'd like to avoid 
having to --enable via configure and re-compile each time 
I need a new codec.  

The GUI need not be pretty, but should not be kludgy, and 
adware would be a big minus. 

If the application supported network updates of both the
player and the codec w/o adware, I'd even be willing 
to throw some money towards a yearly subscription.



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