Hi everyone.  Sorry to bump such an old post, but I have figured out a
'hack' to get this driver to work, and figured I'd post here, in case
it may help someone else.

Previously, I said the following, about a Broadcom 4318 chipset on a
Dell Inspiron b120:
"Upon 'kldunload bcmwl5.ko; kldload bcmwl5.ko', my ndis0 card looses all WPA

The fix is as follows, as I have been unable to find anything relevant
regarding netif, dhclient, wpa_supplicant or ndis:

Step 1: Create /etc/rc.local, with '/sbin/kldload /boot/modules/bcmwl5_sys.ko'

Step 2: Edit /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf as needed

Step 3: Echo 'ifconfig_ndis0="WPA DHCP"' to /etc/rc.conf

System boots, loading netif, dhclient, and wpa_supplicant.  Next,
after the other three are running, the rc.local script loads the ndis0
driver.  On my system (and surrounding networks) my system tries to
authenticate against any available network, but then finally reads
wpa_supplicant.conf, and uses my network.

As I said, sorry to bump an old thread, but hopefully this will help
someone else, regardless of how crude of a hack it is.


Glen Barber
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